Arcade is an object contestant owned and originally created by Wikia-Critic. He is a contestant in the object show "Havoc Between Objects".


Arcade is a bland, blue arcade with a yellow glowing screen. He also has a red joystick. His screen is capable of producing enough light to see in even the darkest areas, however Arcade runs on limited power, and if it runs out, while he may not just fall asleep, his screen will in fact turn off. It was revealed later on that his true face was on the arcade screen itself, and not on the side. Arcade explains that he just finds it "cooler" how he looks with the face on the side. After that scene, the "Side Face" and "Screen Face" appear as different personalities.


Both of the faces have different personalities.

Side Face

Side Face attempts to be "cool and hip", using popular memes like "9+10" and "Damn Daniel" (replaced by "Damn Diamond" in Havoc Between Objects). He is, to put it simply, a moron; makes dumb mistakes but has a real social side (and also has a real ability to roast). Most of the contestants like him in some sort of way, crush or friendship. Fedora DESPISES him, however.

Screen Face

Screen Face is the more intellectual face, questioning morals and being a grammar police. He can provide useful tips on the challenges since he is connected to Fedora's computer where all the challenges are included along with the most efficient way to beat them, however he is forbidden from actually telling them outright that method. The least he can do is do it himself and hope people follow his ways.



  • There was originally going to be a character called "Pill" with two personalities, but they were scratched and the idea was eventually developed into another character that existed at the time, who, of course, was Arcade.