Boogywoogums is a legand to all humans... He was once named cain before his tragic transformation.

He was a part of a small human tribe along long time ago. He was a warrior in the tribe.... The major of the tribe ordered him to kill the evil demon error 404 As he tryed to fight the demon he got zapped to the void.

For years he lived in the void... The void was odd it was dark and deep... Only minimum creatures,... One day a light charged at Cain.... It hit his heart.... For years he had pain in the underground.... and has gained power over time.... He found the god of the underground. The god of darknes... (technecly a demigod in the rp universe :3) Cain was so inraged his horns lit up like a lamp.... The enemy was so startled that he couldent attack... Cain charged at the enemy he smashes right through his body...

Now he is named boogy from his power of music

The void slowly transformed into the disco dimension...

Boogywoogums is owned by thomas the tank engine NUMBER ONE OF SODOR

attack: Specifies on the attack but normally 90

defence: 80 - 900

speed: 7000 when flying 50 on ground

This animation is boogy useing his dispare orb

Output Cx7ae9 (1)

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