Brick is an object contestant owned and originally created by Wikia-Critic. He is a contestant in the object show "Havoc Between Objects".


Brick, as his name implies, is just a simple brick. No more needed to know about his appearance, though it is said that he is actually a common species of object, and you can fuse them together to make Brick Walls. This is demonstrated when Diamond uses a spell to fuse all the Bricks with the contestant Brick in Brick Fields.


Brick is an anxious person. He is an introvert and honestly is looking for someone to be with. Arcade is his best buddy and has helped him through a previous depression before the show started. Brick is rather analytical but only has the average intelligence of an object.



  • Brick was originally going to be a brick wall.
    • This was later changed to being a brick wall when fused with other bricks.