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The Gundead are main inhabitants of the Gungeon's underground levels (known as Chambers) and the enemies of the dungeon crawler rogulike Enter the Gungeon. Their cult is composed of many things, from animated bullets to creatures and humans tricked and enslaved by the fortress master.


Variety of the gundead is very large not only in the way they look, but also in the way they attack. They all have one thing in common - a goal, which is to serve their master and kill all intruders they find. The information about them is also find in the Ammonomicon.

Bullet Kin

Bullet kin are animated bullets, created, summoned, or reloaded with dark art of Ammomancy. They are by far the most common Gundead, existing in many different forms and some of them having powers granted by the Lich himself. Their weaponry varies depending on their type, some use pistols, some use machine pistols and rifles, sniper rifles, or even crossbows, while other ones are incapable of using firearms and developed different ways of fighting intruders.

They are rather agressive with their attacks and depending on the chamber they live in their agression with using weapon can be extreme, the more skilled veteran bulets aim where interlopers are going to be, while dark ashen, or even fallen bullets called from the depths of hell shoot many times in succession attempting to suppress the opponent.

Whenever a bullet kin dies they are sent to the 4th chamber known as the Hollow. right there they are reloaded by the power of Ammomancy, creating abominable and dreadful entities, like Skullets, spent, or ghostly Hollowpoints capable of appearing whereever they want. These are very dangerous and know how to use their powers to their advantage.

All of the Bullet Kin are deadly and will shoot every intruder on sight.

Shotgun Kin

Shotgun Kin are more durable than Bullet Kin and can be found with them. These animated shells use shotguns with deadly effectiveness and are also known to spray bullets after dying making them even more dangerous. Like with Bullet Kin, they have different looks, but their variety is nowhere near as large.


Blobulons are living blobs, or cubes of various substances, brought to the Gungeon by the Lich and exposed to it's aura to make them adapt to it's lifestyle. Dark force filling chambers to which these entities were exposed to for a very long time turned them hostile to every intruder and made some of them shoot a lot of bullets they carry inside their bodies.

Today they are part of the Gundead society, serving Lich to the death. Blobulons and Poisbulons can plit into smaller versions of them after dying up to 2 times, while others either shoot bullets, or run toward the intruders trying to harm them. The most distinguishable in that case are Leadbulons, that after being shot a bunch set themselves on fire which they can spread for a short time limiting space for anyone on their path.

All Blobulons are dangerous and if not shot they can overwhelm intruder with ease.

Order of the True Gun

Order of the True Gun was formed shortly after creation of the Gungeon. It is composed of followers of the Lich serving him in exchange for power to create bullets from thin air, though not all of them were willing at first...

Order of the True Gun, to learn more about their powers study very dangerous books known as Bookllets. Though some of them are shot they do learn very much from them. Those same books have their own will and can cast letters, or other shapes made of bullets to fight intruders if necessary.

Order is separated into 3 different casts - Gunjurers, Gunsingers and Ammomancers. Gunjurers are dangerous mages capable of forming large shapes of bullets, turning rounds fired at them against those who shot them, or even spawning bullet familiars using a book. Gunsingers are trained in empowering other Gundead which can make them 2 times as deadly as they were before and Ammomancers while they lack any combat ability can summon dreadful Gundead monsters with their rituals. Those who doesn't belong to any of these casts spend rest of the life worshipping their master as Gun Cultists, shooting intruders with their pistols whenever their chamber is in danger.


Bullats are bats that happened to live in the Gungeon, transformed by it's power into bullet-like creatures. Normally they spend their life hanging upside-down from the ceiling and become dangerous only when agitated.

Bullats attack in only one way - by launching themselfes in a form of projectile. While this causes them to die it's the only possible way they can harm intruders, with exception of King Bullats, which fire circles of bouncing bullets everywhere until they are killed. in the Gundead society they are nothing more than pets.

Other monsters and Gundead

Gundead Society is composed by many other things than just bullets, cultists, or blobs. Experiments with Ammomancy lead to creating of many animated devices, monsters and abominations which only want to kill. Ravenous and powerful those things stop at nothing to kill the intruders.

And in many ways possibly too - Gun Nuts swing with swords made of bullets or shoot with their armor, Lead Maidens and Agonizers spread massive amount of bullets everywhere, same with Shelletons which also fire eye lasers and Revolvenants attack using their bullet arms to swing at the living in many possible ways.

Gungeons' aura also caused mushrooms to adapt to it's lifestyle animating them and causing them to spray bullets instead of spores. This makes them difficult to replicate, but also deadlier than any other poisonous mushroom and their size is also bigger. But probably the most interesting are Muzzle Wisps and Flares. Burning hotter than any fire these living sprites dash around aimlessly lighting up different parts of their chambers and if necessary, shootng fiery bullets. Some say, that star around which a world the Gungeon was built in rotates is by itself one such Wisp.

The most threatening entity from them however is what cannot be killed - at times when exploring lower chambers Gungeon invaders can encounted a Gunreaper - dreadful ghost whose scythe release waves of bullets homing on the living with each swing. Everyone bewares the Gunreaper, since it doesn't stop chasing intruders until every other Gundead was defeated in which case it just disappears.

The Jammed

Ammonomicon Lord of the Jammed

Lord of the Jammed - Accursed Overlord

Not all of the Gundead are ordinary. While creating the Gungeon Lich used three dark and powerful artifacts to make accursed and lethal Jammed - the Gundead with soul darker than any night.

They are filled with hatred directed toward anything that goes against rules of the Gungeon - many weapons and relics hidden within it's chambers cause them to curse whoever uses them and pursue them through entire labirynth of shifting rooms and halls. Their power is far greater than that of any other Gundead and the bullets they shoot hurt even more. Many have perished to those dreadful entities.

And if their curses become fevered pitch a darkness itself takes a shape of Lord of the Jammed - spectral Gunreaper-like being guided by hatred toward whoever was cursed. This powerful overlord cannot be harmed, the bullets just fly right through it and it remains persistent with it's pursuit even if intruder exits the chamber - it will never stop it's chase. The only way to avoid encountering it is to avoid picking up too many cursed items.