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This game as a WIP will be comeing out after THE TERROR OF THE EVIL WALLS game! (check page for information of TOTEW) In LOPT - legend of the peashooter you go through passage ways in lvls simmaler to terror of the evil walls. Doing so peas of the corasponding boss your gonna fight fly through. touch one you reset the level. Doing so you have to go through the passage. Then you fight a peashooter when fighting click the shovels to do damage.

Now for the information instead of gameplay :3

There are 7 bossesTh

1 - peashooter

2- ice pea

3- fire pea

4 - repeater

5 - gatling pea

6 - threepeater

7 - ultimate pea!

and a secret boss (play the game to find this)

each boss has abilitys of course shooting more peas is one of them but

Ultimate pea shoots blue and red peas giveing the same ability of peashooter fire pea and ice pea.

Ice pea shoots icy cold peas with a ice line behind it. hit the line your dead hit the pea your dead

Fire pea makes orange peas. the closer they are to the curser the more red the screen gets makeing it hard to see upcomeing peas

See more in the updates of the game