== Welcome hero, to the MegaVile Roleplay Wikia<hero description="The Roleplaying Realm for the legendary hero MegaVile!" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero> == As the title states, this a ROLEPLAYING WIKI. Read the list below for what you can do here!

What you can do here

  • Roleplay!
  • Read on Viles, Other Universal Heroes,Villans, and Roleplays!
  • Make Viles,Heroes, Villans, and Roleplays with pages!
  • Test your Characters in the Training Room with MegaVile Productions, and MegaVile(Character) Himself!
  • Join Monthly Tournaments for huge cash Prizes!
  • Battle other Players and Characters in the RolePlaying Realm!
  • Shop at the MegaVile and Co. Fighters Deluxe Sticker Shop for attacks, upgrades, weapons, and MORE!
  • More things to come!


Welcome to the family!

Here you can see the owner's user page picture, and the promoted ones!

(note the names are soon to be changed)





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