Potion is an object contestant owned and originally created by Wikia-Critic. She is a contestant in the object show "Havoc Between Objects".


Potion is a red potion with a slight pink gradient from the bottom. Her beaker is blocked by a cork; it is theorized that this cork is what keeps her from talking, however it is not true and was proven false when Potion once took out the cork and still couldn't speak. The liquid inside of Potion is glow-in-the-dark and apparently buffs the speed of growth in species and plants alike by .5x every litre. According to Diamond, there are four litres of the potion in Potion, therefore if you were to drink all of the potion, your physical development would be sped up by 2x.


She can not talk and is a malingerer, faking to have short term memory loss. She generally tries to use logic and always acts "over" people like Diamond for being such selfish people. Potion normally seems confused over "stupid" people, questioning what they even mean.