Trophys are things for WIKI CHALLANGES such as olympics and other stuff.... doing so if you win in the top 3 you get A TROPHY theres gold silver and bronze the player with the most trophys AND the most valuble trophys... can pick the next CHALLENGE you can also sell trophys and get money but the player your selling them to doesent lose money but they have to accept its not allowed to force ppl to have trophys if they dont want them. A bronze sold is 1k vile bucks a silver sold is 3k vile bucks a GOLD sold 4k vile bucks

if someones tied in trophys and its sorta hard to estimate how much they have

gold points - 3

silver points - 2

bronze points - 1

for instance someon has 1 gold but someone else has 2 bronzes. the gold person would win and pick the challenge due to haveing more points

if you win 4 golds in a row you get HELLICON TROPHYS

if you get 2 hellicon trophys you get a RARTANIUM TROPHYS