In disco galaxy weather invasion, everyones on a tour of the Catayan Temple when suddenly, an unknown storm strikes! Everyone knows that the storm is purple and seen it was made by the evil Scrapper! Everyone has to survive the massive storm or their in for a bad time. Can the heroes survive the massive storm and weather invasion? Can they somehow retreat and find the portal to there home? FIND OUT SOON IN The Disco Galaxy Weather Invasionn!


Episode 1: The Storm begins!

Boogy mega and the team go out to the catayan temple when all the sudden A STORM STRIKES

boogy has to get everyone into the temple then mega sees the light of some orb. they go to the bottum of the carasaen mountin and their ready for some CLIMBEN

Episode 2: Finding a way out of it

The next day the team is climbing.... THEN ALL THE SUDDEN A MUD SLIDE! mega and munno slip down somehow megas fine and munno snapped his jaw.... they climb up and see a cave. Odly potion seems to be quiet and wont talk to the team but brick seems to be haveing trouble estimateing the storm WILL THE TEAM GET TO THE CORE? find out in the next episode

episode 3: The finale of the Soul of the storm

The team goes up to the soul of the storm Mollie a determined fighter charges being striked by a purple strike injuring her hard. boogy notifys everyone is to vunrable but mega goes in for the attack... he damages the orb but then a massive robot forms. mega fights it hard and wins! however the robot does a finisher to finish mega by punching him off the tall mountin... however mega grabs the master orb and turns ULTIMATE doing so killing the bot and flys away from the explosion... now they need to find the portal home

episode 4: Finding the Portal to Home.

Episode 5: The Epic Final Battle


Thomas the tank engine NUMBER ONE OF SODOR'S









  • MegaVile
  • Clank
  • DiscoVile


  • Cosmic