Lich's appearence

The Lich is owned by SeriousGranade

The Lich is a villainous dark being well known amongst many different galaxies for it's mastery of gunslinging and the creation of the most dangerous of all known fortresses - The Gungeon.


The look of a Lich is very similar to how wild west gunslingers used to look like, but darker. He wears black cowboy hat and black cloak which he doesn't ever take off. He holds his revolver by his side, that tend to float in midair next to him, while his left hand always holds a red book of an unknown origin. His entire body is nothing but black bones with 2 bullets in the place of his eyes.


The Lich is capable of doing a lot of things. His gun not only is able to spray bullets all around it's user but it's also capable of calling in animated bullets and many different entities known as "The Gundead". One of his most fearsome abilities that the Lich has is the dark art of "Ammomancy", type of magic which can call forth bullets from beyond the dimension he's currently in. All of these combined with his unnatural endurance and basically eternal life make him very hard to defeat, even though it's not impossible.